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Toronto    : :    5 November 2011    : :    519 Community Centre, 519 Church Street

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Organisational Development 101: From Incorporation to Board Development, Part 1


Now that you've created an organisation that allows you and others to share your passion for your favourite sport or recreational activity, what’s next?  Do you incorporate and register as a nonprofit?  How are you going to continue managing your organisation?  How are you going to secure sustainable funding?  The day-to-day operations of an organisation can also become so time consuming that important aspects of governance and board development are often overlooked.  Issues such as succession planning, roles and responsibilities, bylaws, and constitutions are important and need to be addressed as your organisation develops.  Using case studies from the experiences of your own community sports organisation, this two-part session will be a moderated discussion that will examine best practices in governance and organisational development, and will also give you the opportunity to discuss challenges your organisation may be facing currently.

Please come prepare with the following questions in mind about your organisation:

  • Are you registered as a charity?
  • Do you have a Board of Directors? 
  • How many Board members do you currently have? 
  • How many should you have according to your by-laws?
  • Do you provide orientation to your Board of Directors?
  • How many members do you have? 
  • What is required to become a member of your group?
  • Do you have an annual budget? 
  • Do you have a bank account? If yes, who has signing authority?
  • Where does your funding come from? (Membership dues? Events? Grants?)
  • Have you ever applied for a grant from government or a foundation? Were you successful?

NOTE: It is highly recommended that attendees of this session also attend Part 2 in the afternoon, as it will focus on problem solving issues that have arisen in the morning’s discussion.

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