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Toronto    : :    5 November 2011    : :    519 Community Centre, 519 Church Street

Please note that rooms assignments are subject to change, based on number of participants in sessions.  Interested in a session?  Make sure you add it to your schedule once you've registered!  ("Add to my schedule" links appear below sessions for logged-in / registered participants.)

Confirmed sessions

Session Track
James Temple

Get your message out! Whether you are trying to attract new members, pass on information to current members, or have your voice heard in the press, a well thought out communication strategy will give you your best change of your message being heard.

Organiser Track
Financial Management
Deryck Mollenthiel, Joe Tavano

Whether your group is a small start up, or a well developed incorporated organisation with reporting requirements – financial management is critical.

Led by a chartered accountant, this instructional session will cover, among other topics:

  • cash flow, 
  • expense...
Organiser Track
Fitness and Conditioning
Alaina Hardie

Athletes come in all shapes, sizes, fitness levels, ages, and types.  And we’re not getting any younger.  Here is a guide to athletics for “imperfect” bodies, including how to develop a welcoming training space to accommodate diverse athletes.

Participant Track
Helen Hargreaves, Tim Ledger, Tedd Konya

Effective fundraising gives an organisation increased financial flexibility to do more – improve the game product, more social events, more giving back, more outreach.   Attend this discussion-based seminar for an opportunity to listen and engage with expert panelists who will discuss their...

Organiser Track
Injury Prevention
Raj Suppiah

No one wants to spend their season watching from the sidelines.  Attend this season to learn about fitness techniques that will prepare your body for sport, and keep you off the disabled list.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Participant Track
John Hunking, Danielle Richardson, Eddie Coleman

Members are the lifeblood of any group, and organisations large and small are always on the lookout to grow their membership base.  In this moderated (by John Hunking) pannel-discussion-based seminar, listen and engage with panelists as they discuss best practices on membership drives!

Organiser Track
Organisational Development 101: From Incorporation to Board Development, Part 1
Doug Kerr

Now that you've created an organisation that allows you and others to share your passion for your favourite sport or recreational activity, what’s next?  Do you incorporate and register as a nonprofit?  How are you going to continue managing your organisation?  How are you going...

Organiser Track
Organisational Development 101: From Incorporation to Board Development, Part 2
Doug Kerr

This session is a continuation of Organisational Development 101, Part 1.  Using case studies from the experiences of your own community sports organisation, this session will be a moderated discussion that will examine best practices in governance and organisational development, and will...

Organiser Track
Sports Nutrition
Krista Scott-Dixon

We are bombarded with information about WHAT to eat. Yet HOW and WHY to eat are much more important questions for athletes to ask themselves. Here, some practical, hands-on, real-world strategies for improving your athletic nutrition and boosting your performance and recovery. No weird health...

Participant Track
Sports Psychology
Michelle Brownrigg

This interactive discussion session will focus on the relationship between athlete identity and psychosocial elements of sport performance, individual athlete growth and development, and team dynamics.

Participant Track
Trans and Gender Queer Youth in Sport
Barb Besharat

Making sport accessible to the LGBT community is a challenge – making it accessible to trans, gender queer and 2 Spirit youth is even more so.   Learn how your organisation can work to create trans positives spaces and reach out to this part of the community by attending this speaker-led...

Organiser Track